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Custom build a VAIO Flip Series Laptop online. Current configurable models are listed in our VAIO Flip Series Page. Start with a base system and select the options you want.

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There are a handful of VAIO Flip 14 PCs on Sony's website. Model SVF14N16CXB is a prebuilt machine that's been configured for high-end computing performance. This specific unit is Aluminum Black in appearance, but can be purchased in Aluminum Silver in when you opt for model SVF14N16CXS.

VAIO Flip PCs are part of a new breed of laptops called convertibles or hybrids. When they do is they convert into multiple computing devices. You can use a VAIO Flip PC as a traditional laptop. Reposition the display and it turns into a presentation device. Push the display down so that it rests on the keyboard deck and you have a tablet.

What makes the VAIO Flip PC different from other convertibles is its unique design. To go from one computing mode to another, the VAIO Flip PC utilizes special rubber hinges on its lid to flip out its display. Folding the display against its lid and then maneuvering it into various angles and positions gives you the different modes.

You'll be working with a 14" touchscreen LED display that has Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. The display is enhanced by Sony's Triluminos display technology, which generates a wider range of colors than what is typically produced on a conventional LED screen.

The configuration found on SVF14N16CXB centers around its processor. With Haswell based machines becoming more prevalent, it would seem outdated if the SVF14N16CXB was fitted with anything else. Inside the system is a 4th gen Intel Core i7-4500U (1.80GHz / 3.00GHz). The other prebuilt VAIO Flip 14 models are powered by either Core i5 or Pentium processors.

This model holds a more premium standing. In addition to a faster and more powerful processor, the unit also has a faster and bigger storage option than the other prebuilt models. The system is equipped with an innovative hybrid storage solution that includes a traditional magnetic spinning hard disk drive with a NAND flash drive. In the 750GB/5400RPM HDD you get plentiful of storage space and in the 16GB flash drive you get quick access to system files and fast boot-up times. The combination of two different storage technologies allows you to enjoy a little of both worlds: cheap storage space and fast data reading times.

There's going to be nothing spectacular about the graphics. It's an integrated solution so the performance is not going to amaze you. That's okay, because the real benefit is in the battery life performance boost that you'll get from the Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics engine.

These days 8GB of memory seems to be the trend these days on performance based machines. This is what you'll find on the SVF14N16CXB. No more and no less. The memory module is soldered onto the motherboard, as is the case for what seems like all ultrabooks these days. If you really want more, you'll have to opt for a larger VAIO Flip PC like the custom model SVF15N190X. With that you can go with a 12GB or a 16GB memory configuration.

Around the unit you'll find an SD port, an HDMI output, a regular USB 3.0 port along with a charging USB 3.0 port, a backlit keyboard, webcam, and mic.

SVF14N16CXB, along with its almost twin brother (only difference is in the color), is a great ultrabook to have. It's a portable computing machine that has an all-around balanced feature set. You'll find that this machine will provide more computing performance than the other prebuilt VAIO Flip 14 PCs.

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